Friday, September 27, 2013


I speak victory into every area of my life. The God of heaven and earth will enlarge my coast; in my works, in my business I a successful, in my academics I am a success and in all i do or lay my hands on I shall surely prosper, my promotion shall manifest and my breakthrough shall be accelerated In my home, in my office, in my relationships and marriage, in my health I am stable, I confess that there is peace like a river in my soul. The Lord shall restore me to his original design for life; my fruitless labor has come to an end today, and all that has been lost in my life is restored now! Even now! it has been restored in multiple folds in Jesus Mighty Name i pray and confess! And my spirit, body &soul say, men! Good Day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


You need to be careful of the people you carry in your boat. Some persons carry curses along with them and if you're not sensitive to it, you'll end up been dragged along. One man Jonah, almost caused a shipwreck simply because of his disobedience to God(Jonah 1:1-15).

Do a routine check on your life today, pray about it and find out who's not meant to be there. They are everywhere. In your office, your school, home and even the church. Don't wait for your ship to wreck before you realize it. Know this, you can carry someone along, but you can't carry everyone. God has destined some persons specifically for you. Don't waste your energy carrying extra baggages.

Some persons are not meant to be in your life and you know it. All they do is cause you much pain, make you do what you're not suppose to do and put you in serious trouble. They always end up sapping your energy. I call them shipwreckers. Some persons want to stay down and they wish you stay down with them. No matter what you do, they'll always pull you. Free yourself and save your ship from wrecking while you still can.

God help you as you do.


There is no absolute finish line for every1 in d race of life. Our tracks are different, our lanes are different & our durations are different. For instance one person graduates at age 20 & struggles for another 5yrs to get a job, another might graduate at age 25 & get a job immediately. One may graduate and earn N400,000 a month, another might have dropped out out of school and slowly starts making N20,000 a month. One can marry a virgin & wait for the next decade to have the blessings of children, another lady probably after having a randy past, becomes a mum almost immediately after marriage. A fellow becomes MD at 38 and dies at 56, another becomes MD at 55 and lives to 90, what a life.
Life is full of twists, turns, ups & downs, surprises & disappointments .
Life offers each one of us different opportunities in different places and at different times. Dnt compare urself with others. Value your uniqueness and trust in God. At the end of the day, what matters most is where you stand with God.
Remain positive always !! Happy Sunday to u all.........
Prince of the most High God!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ladies, instead of being on the look out for what you want in a man, why not concentrate and build what a man wants in you and ultimately what God wants from you. Each time a woman emasculates a man, it kills something in both the man and the woman. Pls, build your character.


Rumors don't define who you are, grades don't define your intellect, & your age doesn't define maturity!