Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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You need to be careful of the people you carry in your boat. Some persons carry curses along with them and if you're not sensitive to it, you'll end up been dragged along. One man Jonah, almost caused a shipwreck simply because of his disobedience to God(Jonah 1:1-15).

Do a routine check on your life today, pray about it and find out who's not meant to be there. They are everywhere. In your office, your school, home and even the church. Don't wait for your ship to wreck before you realize it. Know this, you can carry someone along, but you can't carry everyone. God has destined some persons specifically for you. Don't waste your energy carrying extra baggages.

Some persons are not meant to be in your life and you know it. All they do is cause you much pain, make you do what you're not suppose to do and put you in serious trouble. They always end up sapping your energy. I call them shipwreckers. Some persons want to stay down and they wish you stay down with them. No matter what you do, they'll always pull you. Free yourself and save your ship from wrecking while you still can.

God help you as you do.

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